Summary of Clinical Outcomes

Mr Kim is a Fellowship trained Hip and Knee Surgeon who has over 10 years of independent, Consultant practice. He works collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams with other consultant colleagues, physiotherapy and radiology specialists. His clinical practice is supported by 3 full time members of staff.

The majority of the patients he assesses in outpatient appointments do not require any surgical intervention, and is managed with a variety of non-surgical techniques and treatment.

For patients who require surgery, in 2015/6, (private practice data only) Mr Kim performed:

  • 148 Primary Total Hip Replacements
  • 105 Primary Total Knee replacements
  • 42 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions
  • 59 Hip Arthroscopy (Key hole hip operations).
  • 166 Knee Arthroscopies (Key hole knee surgery)
  • > 300 Hip and Knee injections

All patients undergoing major surgical procedures (all of the above, with the exception hip/ knee injections and knee arthroscopies) are requested to complete baseline clinical data on CLINICAL AMPLITUDE.

Clinical outcome and any complications from surgery are documented within the above database and recorded in the National Joint Registry Database, Surgical Site Infection surveillance data.