Patient Testimonials

  • A miracle, I cannot thank Mr. Kim enough, he has given me my life back, not just for me but for my husband too, we can now have a more active social life, as this has been on hold for many years as my arthritis became worse. The whole treatment from start to finish has been exceptional and if anyone isn't sure whether to go ahead, just do it you will have a new lease of life.
    By - Ann Miles
    07-Sep-2020 10:48 PM
  • I have recently undergone successful surgery for a total knee replacement of my right knee under the very caring expertise of Mr Winston Kim. I can’t tell you what a huge difference it has made to my life - it has so changed my life for the better and I’m now well able to continue the outdoor activities I so yearned to do but the pain was preventing me. Even just walking was becoming a chore. Mr Kim is extremely kind and caring and has always been very approachable throughout - however insignificant my questions may have seemed!! He always had plenty of time to explain the detail about the procedure and I have felt totally reassured throughout. I have felt confident and safe under the guidance of Mr Kim and his caring and competent team - what a lovely man 😊 and obviously a brilliant consultant. Thankyou Mr Kim & team Kim.
    By - Julie gregory
    14-Aug-2020 03:51 PM
Ron Williams
I recently had a knee replacement carried out by Mr Kim, the operation went very well and the physiotherapy arranged by Mr Kim and his staff has been excellent, also the communication from Mr Kim after the operation has been fantastic and I would like to thank you all for making my life a lot easier
Ann Park
I am a female age 65 years. I was diagnosed as needing a total knee replacement on both knees approximately 4 years ago. I was told by the consultant I saw at the time I should put it off as long as possible. My mobility was getting increasingly difficult, having to sit and rest after about 20 minutes of walking and standing in queues was becoming very difficult. I came across Mr Kim after looking on the internet for a possible alternative treatment. Unfortunately I was not suitable for the alternative treatment, but I was so impressed by Mr Kim’s professionalism and his caring manor and the time he took to explain new ways of doing total knee replacements, I booked in to have a Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement on my right knee a few weeks later. I had my 1st Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement in March 2018 at the Spire Manchester and the second Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement 4 months later. Recovery is progressing well. I was able to go up and down stairs (unaided) within a few weeks, driving after 6 weeks and being able to walk for more than 1hr. As the Spire Manchester was not local to my home Mr Kim suggested an excellent physio closer to my home, for my physio appointments. I was very impressed by Mr Kim and his team and staff at the Spire, not to forget his lovely staff at his office should you need to contact them. I was in hospital on both occasions for 3 nights. I would recommend Mr Winston Kim for anyone needing knee surgery. I feel lucky to have come across a wonderful surgeon as Mr Winston Kim.
A MOTHER and daughter are walking tall after the same surgeon operated on them both to relieve symptoms of early-stage arthritis.
Nurse Laura Turner, 29, of Bacup, was born with dysplasia, a congenital condition where the hip joint is not aligned and the ball fits into the socket at an angle, resulting in damaged hip cartilage.
And her mother Janet Kershaw, 58, a retired nursery nurse from Todmorden, had an operation to replace her kneecaps, after being left in such pain she was barely able to tackle stairs.
The pair both went under the knife at the BMI Alexandra Hospital at Cheadle, near Stockport, under consultant Winston Kim.
Laura, who is married to supermarket assistant manager Craig and had keyhole surgery, said: “The surgery has made an amazing difference to my life.
“Before it, getting in and out of a car was painful, or even simply sitting in certain positions. Since the operation, the improvement has been huge and I’ve taken up jogging and riding an exercise bicycle.”
She had undertaken physiotherapy and undergone injections and courses of painkillers before the surgical procedure.
Janet believes that her operation has been life changing, enabling her to go on climbing holidays, take part in a weekly keep-fit class and even complete a 10km charity walk.
She said: “In the past I tried physiotherapy, painkillers and injections, but nothing worked for long. The operation has changed my life. I can swim, go on the treadmill and cross-trainer and I attend a weekly keep-fit class.”
Mr Kim is a specialist in the treatment of early arthritis of the hip and knee, and has trained in world-renowned centres in the US and Canada.
He said: “Cases of hip and knee arthritis are reaching epidemic proportions as the population lives longer. The prevalence of these conditions increases with ageing.
“We are also leading more active lifestyles and have higher expectations of what we should be able to do when we are older, and rightly so. “Full hip or knee replacements are major operations, and not everyone needs them.”
He says he usually considers non-operative treatments initially, and any surgical work was ‘conservative’, where necessary.
Written by a retired General Practitioner
I suffered from Osteoarthritis for a year and was in great pain. I saw Mr Kim in February this year privately. He operated on me and did a Total Knee Replacement in March. i had very little pain post operatively and was discharged in 3 days. I have excellent straight leg raising and a good angle on my knee, up to 120 degrees. I drove after 6 weeks and i have just come back from a holiday in Portugal. A general practitioner friend recommended Mr Kim to me for which i am very grateful. I highly recommend Mr Kim to any patient with knee joint problems.
Dr Enid Noronha, Retired General Practitioner Worsley and Boothstown
I was diagnosed by Mr Kim in 2014, as having osteoarthritis in my right hip. I was told this was not uncommon as i had been playing football all my life,some of it professionally. Mr Kim was friendly, patient, very professional and explained every aspect of the condition, procedures, choices and possible results of any decisions made. I had suffered with my deteriorating hip for some time and it was now affecting walking freely,at times moving more like somebody a lot older than my 54 years of age. The pain i had at times was intense,mostly in my right groin made worse by the sitting position and especially driving the car,which at times was excruciating. I decided to procede with hip arthroscopy and microfracture, rather than the alternative, a full hip replacement, after considering all avenues, options, and outcomes with Mr Kim. The operation was performed in October 2014 at the Spire hospital Manchester by Mr Kim and i am extremely happy with the results. I am now back in work, moving freely and symptom free, attending the gym 4 to 5 times a week and following Mr Kim’s advice to avoid high impact exercise, like treadmills and to prolong the joint as long as possible. I would highly recommend Mr Kim and the alternative to a full hip replacement even if this means you are just delaying the full replacement to some time in the future. A big thank you again to Mr Kim and everyone at the Spire hospital Manchester who took great care of me.
The “Go To” Hip & Knee Surgeon…… Winston Kim, to me, is the “go to” Hip and Knee Surgeon in Greater Manchester. I’m a health care professional and have seen him at work. This is a gifted surgeon- the full package- talented, well trained, generous with his time, humble (if that is possible in a surgeon) and above all, a caring Surgeon. I chose to ask Mr Kim to care for uncle Jim at the Alexandra Hospital. I have seen him look after some really tough cases, and many retired doctors and consultants have placed their trust in him, and had him operate on them. My 90 year old uncle had severe longstanding knee pain, but had refused surgery for ages putting up with pain. Mr. Kim picked up the fact that it was referred pain from the hip, even though my uncle had no hip pain. His confidence reassured us. He did a hip replacement, and gave Uncle Jim a new lease of life. “You put your life and your trust in your surgeon’s hands. Mr. Kim has given me back my life and rebuilt my trust….”, reads one of over 100 reviews online on him- check it out for yourself!. ( But, I knew that already….. P Ryder, Manchester, on behalf of Uncle Jim, April 2015
I had a total hip replacement in December 2013 and a total knee replacement 7 days ago. My new hip has given me a new lease of life without pain. I was able to take part in exercise and walking without impingement. I was diagnosed with knee failure in September 2015 and was able to speak to Mr Kim about my knee. He is honest and frank about the exercise in preparation for the operation and rehab. Mr Kim is a caring and highly experienced surgeon. He is supportive to your needs and worries. I hope this is the last operation I will have for a while. I would highly recommend Mr Kim if you want 100% of your life active and pain free!
Mr Kim performed my total knee replacement last September which is a complete success. I have been delighted with all the care and consideration he has shown me. He has installed me with a great deal of confidence and I believe him to be a fine surgeon who I would highly recommend. Yvonne Field
I found Mr Kim most informative about the injury to my knee. He fully explained the extent of my injury and also explained in clear terms the treatment I was to have and the recuperation period and exercises needed for a full recovery. Most impressed with his calm and informative manner and allowed me to ask questions about my injury which enabled me, through his concise responses, to better understand the limits that would be placed upon my future exercise regimes. It helped that the physiotherapist I attend had knowledge of Mr Kim, through other patients, and her confidence in him supported my own views fully supported those on myself. An excellent physician who made an excellent job of my injured knee that has resulted in me returning to by normal exercises with no restrictions or negative after effects. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues and I can think of no greater compliment I can add to the above comments. My name is Arthur Edward Roberts dob 10.12.44., and had my operation on the 17.11.2014.
I had right hip arthroscopy, carried out by Mr Kim. I was really impressed by the amount of information I received in both the consultation and pre op. The aftercare was superb. After 12 months of continuous pain and discomfort, I had forgotten what normality felt like. 1 week after op felt good, 6 weeks after feel marvellous. A massive Thank you. A.Lewis
I had a left hip replacement 3 years ago. From the first consultation and throughout the treatment, I found Mr. Kim Most helpful in explaining what would be required for the operation. On the day of the operation he put me completely at ease as this was my first operation & I was very nervous. Post operation he helped me very much and the support staff and physio were excellent in aiding my recovery. I had several reviews to check on the healing & mobility progress all very helpful until I was discharged. I have made an excellent recovery without any disability. Thanks to Mr. Kim
I had a full left knee replacement in March 2014. Mr Kim was a most excellent consultant both before and after the operation. His manner was most encouraging and helped me cope with the unknown journey of recovery. Of course Mr Kim did the technical job and was supported by an excellent operating team. The hospital staff and as an outpatient for physio were all excellent in aiding my recovery. I now have almost 100 per cent recovery after 12 months. I am far better off then when I started on this road, I would recommend Mr Kim to anyone. He is a most charming person and has a wonderful manner, just what you want.
Male Aged 36 August 2014 – Right hip arthroplasty, labral debridement, microfracture chondroplasty Mr Kim performed a right hip arthoscopy to repair damage in my right hip in August 2014. I had been experiencing moderate discomfort in my right hip for several years, but this had worsened significantly in mid 2013 onwards. I am now 6 months post op and I am pleased to say that the symptoms I was experiencing are beginning to disappear. The rehabilitation process has been quite lengthy – 8 weeks on crutches TTWB post op with a very gradual return to light activity, building up to more progressive exercise from month 4/5 onwards. For the first time in a number of years I feel able to squat and deep flex without feeling a painful ‘clunking’ sensation in my right hip and I am slowly beginning to get back to hill walking and light mountain biking. I am hoping to return to 5 a-side football in summer 2015. For me the key part of the process has been Mr Kim taking time to diagnose my problems and then effectively managing my expectations in terms of the recovery process. He has always taken time to explain the diagnostic and the surgical process and I have always felt entirely comfortable and safe under his care. I would unreservedly recommend Mr Kim. Mike Doyle Cheshire
I have recently had a replacement hip operation in November 2014 at the Alexandra hospital, the consultant who performed the operation was excellent in his standard of care, before the operation I attended a consultation with Mr Winston Kim, he made me feel very calm and Informed me on the procedure and everything what is involved, everything went really well, also the after care has been excellent, I have felt assured and at ease with the whole procedure , I am so grateful to Mr Winston Kim (consultant) for his care and understanding.
Mr Kim performed my knee arthroscopy in December 2014 at BMI-The-Alexandra-Hospital and I was very impressed with my physical fitness, movement and pain free knee after the procedure. At my six weeks post op appointment, Mr Kim explained in detail what he had done, giving me advice on future exercising -ie- what to avoid etc. His excellent approach with his patients, made me feel at ease and confident about future scenarios with my knee. The physio that was put in place couldn’t have been better and this also contributed my speedy recovery. I completely trust Mr Kim’s experience, knowledge and expertise of orthopaedic surgery and would recommend him.
Every so often something exceptional and unique occurs in medicine and surgery and,in Winston Kim,we see the personification of these qualities. He has a mature and sensitive consultation technique ,supporting his patients and their families way beyond the call of duty,inspiring confidence and trust. His surgical results , and clinical backup, for the writer, confirm these opinions. I am proud to know him and to be one of his patients. Dr Raymond Million
This is an old fashioned doctor with a young mind. I have been in medical practice for sixty years and his methods are redolent of all the courtesies and vigour of my student days. I have every confidence in this man and am profoundly impressed with his methods and consultation techniques. Jolly good. I will recommend him above many,more experienced ,others.
Active patient after Knee Arthroscopy
Mr Kim was recommended to me , who advised I should see an orthopaedic surgeon when a twisting injury to my knee failed to respond to treatment. I contacted Mr.Kim’s office late one Friday afternoon, and within a week I had had a consultation, MRI scan and diagnosis of my problem. Mr. Kim has a very pleasant and personable manner, which immediately puts you at ease. He also takes time to explain your symptoms and gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision. I was admitted to the Spire Hospital Manchester very quickly for a knee arthroscopy and meniscectomy and as an active 58 year old I am delighted with the outcome. I was immediately mobile and had no pain or swelling following surgery. Mr. Kim is obviously a very skilled surgeon and I cannot thank him enough for the efficient but caring treatment I have received. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending him.
Patient after Knee Arthroscopy (Key hole knee surgery)
Mr Kim performed key hole surgery on a degenerate tear of my medial meniscus. I had been limping and in pain for 3 months prior to the operation. After an initial consultation ( I had obtained an MRI scan previous to this) I had the operation a day later and with fantastic results. Mr Kim listened to my concerns, gave an easy to understand diagnosis and details of how this would be corrected. I was amazed at the results. I had no post operation swelling, soreness or stiffness in the knee, in fact I walked out of there the same night with no pain, I am truly grateful. I adhered religiously to my physio routine for the first week with up to 2 hours per day in half hour slots. 4 days after the operation I was placed onto the exercise bike at physio with no pain. I am now post 4 weeks, swimming 20 lengths, back to the gym (with no running) and amazed at how well I feel. I pretty much look after myself health wise, I am not overweight so hopefully this contributed to the operations success. I would thoroughly recommend Mr Kim to anybody.
Young patient after Knee Arthroscopy
I don’t write many reviews however I want to write this one as I was so impressed with Mr Winston Kim. He was recommended to me by Adrian Howard my physiotherapist at iQ Therapies (who was also excellent at correctly picking up the problem and post operative treatment). Mr Kim was very friendly and this made it so easy to ask questions to ensure I knew what the problem was and what was going to happen both in the operation and afterwards, I needed a partial menisectomy because of tears of the medial and lateral menisci. The knee arthroscopy went very well and although there was a risk I may have needed some microfracture in the end this was not required. After only 5 weeks I am back to full physical activity, something I thought I would never be, I don’t think I could have been treated better. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Winston Kim. From Dr B G
Young patient after Knee arthroscopy and early arthritis
Approximately 5 years ago I sustained a knee injury in an accident.
I was referred to Mr Kim at the ‘Alex’ Cheadle. After consultation an arthroscopy was recommended. The outcome of this was a partial knee was required (an Oxford knee).
Mr Kim performed this operation superbly and I have been pain free since!!
The post operation scar is virtually invisible as his needlework is so good!!
At all times he was approachable and forthcoming, really good to deal with and totally puts one at ease.
In May this year he performed another arthroscopy on my other knee after I had torn my cartilage. He trimmed the miniscus and the bone as I suffered from grade 4 arthritis on my inner knee. This has relieved the pain considerably. Another good job well done!!
I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Kim at all.
Patient after Knee arthroscopy
Mr winston kim performed for my benefit a left knee arthroscopy and partial menisectomy. Mr kim is highly professional but equally personable. Pre op consultations were informative, reassuring and on time. My operation has been in my opinion text book, and the advice and care i have received post op spot on. 4 weeks after my operation I am back at work, i expect too be jogging by mid febuary and running by early march. my quality of life being mobile and pain free is psychologically uplifting. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr winston kim and his team
Patient who had 2 knee arthroscopies, including a knee microfracture
I had 2 arthroscopies under Mr Kim , and I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment I received. In the first operation I also had a procedure called micro-fracture to get to repair worn cartilage, and as far as I can tell this procedure has been successful and I am walking pain-free now. Both my knees had torn cartilages which were removed and only 2 weeks after my second knee operation I’m completely mobile and back to normal. Also, the nursing care and physiotherapy care were both wonderful.
Patient after knee arthroscopy
I chose to see Mr Kim after reading about his extensive experience and very helpful and informative website well worth looking at with loads of information. My problem was a meninscal tear to the knee caused by wear and tear which prevented me running and cycling after recent years of struggling with repeated inflammations and incapacitating pain. From my first consultation Mr Kim was spot on with his initial opinion, confirmed by a MRI scan he ordered. He was extremely responsive to my questions and concerns at the consultation and was able to undertake the corrective arthroscopic treatment the week following the scan. I had two extremely small operation cuts which were taped with butterfly tape. When I took the plasters off a few days after the operation my two incisions – one would have said scratches to look at them then, had no stitches to remove. Marvelous neat surgical work, which also made it all the easier for physio and recuperative exercises. Mr Kim also liaised with the physio to ensure excellent post operative treatment. Prior to the surgery I looked at lots of yourube videos and medical photos, on the final consultation Mr Kin gave me some internal arthroscopic photos of the tear, he said it had been a large one, and in fact it looked far bigger than any I had seen on youtube medical films or other medical reference photos. I am recovering considerably quicker than I expected to , further testament in my opinion to the skills exhibited in surgery. If I get any problem in the other knee I will be straight back to see Mr Kim with no concerns whatsoever. He is a pleasure to visit, and took great care with explanations and answers to questions. Thank you Simon B.
Patient who had knee arthroscopy for large cartilage (meniscal tears)
D Motloch, March 2014
Mr Winston Kim performed a right knee arthroscopy as a private patient at Spire Manchester. It was my 1st ever operation and I was apprehensive. It has been a successful operation. I have no pain in my knee. I had a large cartilage tear which was dealt with very successfully. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Kim to anyone with a sports injury to the knee!
Patient after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Before being referred to see Dr Winston Kim, I had been diagnosed with a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament and a meniscus tear in one of my knees. Mr Kim performed a partial menisectomy and he reconstructed my acl ligament using the patella tendon in my knee. From my first meeting with Mr Kim, I knew I was in safe hands and I felt instantly confident about the care I would receive for my injury. He informed me of the risks associated with the surgery and he talked in depth about the procedure. Most importantly he advised that although it was important he completed a technically excellent repair, the most important work would be done by myself during the physio rehab stage. He described it as a 50/50 partnership; I think that is an excellent point of view to have. The repair by Mr Kim was brilliant and it gave me the best chance of a full recovery during the physio work I have been completing since the operation. From the research I carried out before meeting Mr Kim, the only option for acl repair I would have selected is the patella tendon graft. This is Mr Kim’s area of expertise and I think it is the best choice if the option is available to you. The follow up appointments with Mr Kim were great and they really boosted my confidence and motivation, as I was aiming to show improvements in my condition before each meeting. I cannot stress how important it is that you are patient with your rehab, especially in the early stages. Researching acl recovery programmes and milestones will help a lot during the recovery process. The three things you need for a good recovery from an acl operation are a good surgeon, good physiotherapist and a dedicated patient. Thanks to Mr Kim I can now return to a normal life with a stable knee, 10 months on from the procedure I can run, sprint, turn and ride my bike.
Patient who had Hip Arthroscopy
I saw Mr Kim as a private patient with symptoms of pain in my right hip and leg. An MRI scan showed a cartilage tear and some arthritis. I found Mr Kim very sympathetic and knowledgeable and also most accessible, being willing to discuss problems out of surgery time on the phone. The decision to have a second steroid injection or an arthroscopy was difficult as my symptoms were not text -book. Mr Kim took a great deal of time and trouble explaining the ramifications of each path, we jointly decided on an arthroscopy. This has been carried out very successfully.
Patient after Hip Arthroscopy
I am a 46 year old male and after over 10 years of intermittent pain, sometimes excruciating unable to walk, mainly in the middle of the night and unbearable stiffness to my left hip, numerous years taking diclofenac, numerous xrays and blood test ,and a session of physio therapy, I was referred to Winston Kim who arranged a MRI scan , this identified a labarum tear and restricted movement in my hip , I was admitted to spire hospital 21st August for labarum reattachment and a bone trim ,after ONE DAY i felt no pain at all and after one week i was walking without crutches , the movement has improved immensely and i have experienced no pain at all , and i expect at this rate to improve by 99% ,I can now enjoy a normal life . M K JEFFREYS , BURY.
Young patient after hip arthroscopy and labral repair surgery
Mr Kim performed a labral repair on my right hip. Please thank Mr Kim once again for his wonderful work. The surgery has been a great success and my hip is recovering well. Patient RW
Young patient after Hip Arthroscopy Labral repairs and osteoplasty
I had a right hip arthroscopy Dec 2013 under Mr Winston Kim’s care for early hip arthritis and hip labral tears. Prior to the procedure I had daily discomfort in my hip joint and it was affecting my day to day life, causing awareness of pain whilst driving, and affecting my ability to enjoy sports (golf). Recovery was more difficult than I had anticipated (even though I was warned!) but after 4 months, I am totally back to normal and able to lead a normal life; remarkable improvement in the pain experienced. Would advice patients are complaint with the exercises and physio afterwards which is crucial and helpful. R Mackinnon, April 2014
Young Patient After Hip Replacement Surgery
All testimonials below are written by patients, the majority of which are found in independent, verifiable websites. (please click on web links below).
Having Suffered Arthritis of the left hip for approximately 12 years, I decided that due to the increasing pain and reduction in life style that action was required. Dr Kim came highly recommended by a friend and former football teammate who had previously undergone a hip replacement operation performed by Dr Kim. His pre-op consultation was concise and extremely informative yet provided an air of assurance of the results and benefits that this process would bring to my life. This in turn completely overturned my initial hesitancy and concerns undertaking this operation into one of total confidence. Again both during the process and post op, the level of support and communication has been outstanding, with Dr Kim always being available to discuss any questions or Issues. Without doubt I would highly recommend Dr Kim.
Mr John Bent, Co-Founder Bents Garden and Home, Feb 2014 after Hip Surgery
Mr Kim, Thank you for the great job you have done on me I thought my walking days were over and I would have to be satisfied with being am old man , suddenly I seem to have a new lease of life . Thank you. John Bent , Co-founder Bents Gardens and Home, Feb 2014.
Professor R Green after Hip Replacement
Mr Kim, Thank you for the care I received from you and your team for my total hip replacement. The care I received was exemplary and my recovery is progressing excellently. Once again, thanks for all your care and attention.
Yours faithfully, Emeritus Professor Roger Green, FRCP, Hon DSc,MD, Former Dean, Medical School, University of Manchester, March 2014.
Patient after Hip Surgery
Mike F, Cheshire
I am 56 years of age and keen on sports. For the last 2 years I have had problems with my hip. I went to see Dr Kim on a recommendation and found him to be: (i) deeply interested in me as a patient, (ii) sympathetic to the pain I was in, (iii) very clear in explaining the options open to me, and (iv) an expert in his area. In summary, all you want from a doctor when you are facing a big decision such as a major operation. I first had keyhole surgery to clean up the hip and buy me some time and pain relief which was effective for 15 months and then I had a total hip replacement on my left side. Being a nervous patient, Dr Kim put me at my ease and the confidence he exuded helped me to relax. Needless to say the operation was a great success and I am now mobile after only 6 weeks, walking 4 miles a day and back in the gym. I want to highlight one event which I think sums up Dr Kim’s approach – seven days after my operation Dr Kim went on vacation to North America but he took the time to continue to check on my progress by phone and email and when I mentioned that I had a soreness around the surgical wound, he contacted my GP and prescribed a drug to clear up the inflammation – this is an excellent example of after care. A nice guy and an excellent surgeon.
Young patient who had AVN and Hip Replacement
Mr Kim is an excellent consultant and surgeon. I first met him 5 years ago when I started with necrosis of my right hip..I needed a total hip replacement . Unfortunately due to other problems infections, kidney failure ,and others, the operation was postponed several times . MR Kim was most patient and understanding and eventually in Sept 2013 I had the surgery. By then my other leg was considerable shorter so I was apprehensive about the results. His skills however have produced amazing results. I am upright and pain free ,the scare is neat and I am so happy to be so mobile again. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Kim for surgery.
Patient after hip surgery
Thank you for the treatment I have received from yourself and your staff. You went out of your way to make myself and my husband feel at ease both before and after my hip replacement. The aftercare I have received from yourself, your secretary and staff on the ward has been excellend and as I have said I cannot thank you enough, Best wishes Mrs H C, from Salford, 7th Feb 2014.
Young patient after hip replacements
Unfortunately, 18 months ago at the age of 47 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of both hips and required replacements. Fortunately I was referred to Mr Kim who immediately made me feel at ease at the initial consultation with his professional explanation coupled with an exceptional reassuring manner. Within 4 months Mr Kim replaced both hips and literally got me back on my feet. This man is not only an excellent surgeon but it is a pleasure to be in his company all be it through a surgical purpose. Mr P Monaghan
Patient after complex hip replacement surgery
Many thanks to Mr Kim and his team for the care both before and during my operation. The operation has given me a new lease of life now that I am no longer experiencing severe in my hip. Mr Kim was extremely supportive and attentive throughout, and I would recommend him unreservedly to anyone looking for hip surgery. Will Cleary
Patient after hip replacement surgery
I cannot recommend Mr Kim highly enough. He is the most attentive, warm and approachable Consultant I met during my search to find a surgeon to perform my hip operation and, being nervous about it, I had consultations with four others. Mr Kim explained the procedure thoroughly and discussed the type of hip joints available, taking my preferences into consideration, when advising me. His surgical skill in replacing my hip has left me pain-free, and able to resume my normal (and very hectic) way of life without restriction. His aftercare has also been first-class too.
Patient who had a right re-do (revision) total hip replacement and left hip replacement
I saw Mr. Kim in 2011 with right hip problems, I was using crutches and wheelchair. My hip replacement of 2009 (carried out in Australia had failed) and Mr Kim did the reconstruction, bone graft etc., in January 2012. His care and attention was second to none. I had my left hip replacement in August this year and again he was marvellous. I would recommend him to anyone, Mrs G
Young patient after 2 hip replacements
I have had two total hip replacements performed by Mr Kim and the results have both been first class. At the initial assessment and throughout the treatment plan he maintains a confident and reassuring manner. Recommended procedures are carefully matched to the patient and thoroughly explained, along with the likely long term outcomes. He is a talented and meticulous orthopaedic surgeon and highly recommended.
Patient’s family after Hip Replacement Surgery
Please accept these few words of thanks as a token of my appreciation for your kindness, expertise and professionalism in caring for my mother. Patient ADL’s family
General Recommendation
Written by a patient
Excellent care from start to finish from dr kim, if needing surgery or any other treatment in the future i will mist certainly go back and see him. Very happy!
Patient after Revision Hip Surgery
Written by a patient
Mr Kim is an excellent Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who has carried out hip revision surgery on my left hip. Mr Kim talked me through the initial diagnosis on my hip in detail and proposed what has proved to be a very successful solution to my hip problem. Post revision surgery Mr Kim was always available and arranged the necessary Physiotherapy to aid my recovery. During my follow up consultation Mr Kim provided me with as much information as I required about the functionality of the new hip joint, I could not possibly of received a higher standard of care for my hip problem.
Patient after hip surgery
I cannot praise Mr Kim highly enough. He is warm,caring and obviously highly proficient…..all the qualities one seeks in a consultant but all too rarely finds. I really felt he listened to me and understood how I was feeling…I had complete confidence in him at all times. Six months after hip surgery I am free from pain and can get on with my life.
Young patient after hip replacement
I would highly recommend Mr. Winston Kim. The first time I met him for my consultation about my hip problem, I knew that I had been very fortunate in my choice of Orthopaedic Surgeon. He was friendly, caring but most professional and when he advised me that I should have a total hip replacement I had total confidence in him. The operation went very well and now 6 weeks later with the help of my physiotherapy sessions, I am almost fully recovered and can even walk well without any crutches. My most sincere thanks to Mr. Kim for the wonderful job that he did. By Mr B H
Young patient after hip replacement
I had a hip replacement in May 2012 performed by Mr. Winston Kim whom I found to be very approachable, imformative and sympathetic.
Mr. Kim explained about the operation to me which put me at ease as I had been quite anxious up to this point.
The operation went well and the aftercare I received from Mr. Kim and the nursing staff was excellent
I had several follow up appointments as is the norm, each time I saw Mr. Kim personally.
I would not hesitate to have further treatment from Mr. Kim should the need arise.
Patient after complex re-do (revision) hip surgery for a worn hip replacement
Thank you for the great hip revision that you have achieved for me. Just as you said, it has taken about ten months for me to have a good range of movement and enjoy life again. Patient EL
Patient after Complex Hip Surgery (Re-do Hip Surgery)
Mr John Richard Norcott wife Brenda
My name is John Richard Norcott aged 57. It gives me the greatest of pleasure to statel my expression of thanks to such a marvellous surgeon namely Mr Kim of Salford Royal Hospital who specialises in Hip and Knee conditions.
My story began in July 2004 where I had my first left hip replacement under a different surgeon. Unfortunately the operation was not a success leaving me with lots of pain and infection and still in severe hip pain for the years up until meeting with Mr Kim and his team in May 2013.
My quality of life was basically very limited as I was also waiting for my right total hip replacement to be done leaving me using aids to move around including wheelchairs and sticks. The chronic pain in both hips also effected not just me but to my wife and family. I was housebound for many years then the first appointment with Mr Kim arrived and from then all that I can say is he took over the whole situation giving us hope and encouragement with regards to the two hips being totally replaced. Along with this he was very truthful of the dangers of these operations as I was obese, diabetic and hypertensive.
I had to have a revision hip replacement and total hip replacement on the other side.
The outcome was fantastic, barely any after pain and was sat in my chair on the ward by late afternoon, the care and aftercare was second to none.!
Five month’s later I had my completed total right hip replaced but with greater danger because of my other health conditions. Given reassurance from Mr Kim and his team all went tremendously well. I was given 24 hr intensive care treatment as a precaution but was not needed as I sailed through the revision operation without a hitch, again the aftercare by him and his team was perfection itself !
I was home within a couple of days. All that I can say is that if anybody needs either hip or knee replacements please do not hesitate to ask for the attention and professionalism of Mr Kim and his fantastic team. There is no need for being anxious as from the moment you meet Mr Kim and the team you are put at ease feeling confident and actually looking forward to the operation.
I now walk unaided which is like having a new life given back to me, the stress on my wife has gone and we both enjoy the things and hobbies we used to do many many years ago. Thank you to this wonderful surgeon for his dedication to his patients and his knowledge of being the best Orthopaedic Surgeon in his field.
Patient after complex re-do Surgery of the hip
After breaking my hip in a simple fall, a surgeon (not Mr Kim) repaired it with a bi polar hip replacement. Months later I was still unable to walk, endured constant debilitating pain, and had lost faith in that surgeon. Despite reassurances to the contrary, I knew something was wrong and decided I needed a new orthopaedic surgeon to help put it right. But who? I not only needed a consultant surgeon with the right skills but also someone I could trust.
Based on his qualifications, experience and specialism, after careful research, I chose Mr Winston Kim from a list of four consultant orthopaedic surgeons recommend to me by a trusted source.
From our first meeting in assessment clinic, through diagnosis of the need for full hip replacement revision surgery, to pre-op and post-op meetings, and the day of surgery itself, Mr Kim built my confidence, retained my trust, and used his skills to reconstruct my hip. Throughout the process, Mr Kim listened, understood, explained and, above all, cared.
Today, three weeks after surgery, I am weight bearing and walking with sticks. The operation was a complete success and over the next few months, with exercise and physiotherapy to rebuild my muscles, Mr Kim sees no reason why I shouldn’t regain full mobility.
My choice of Mr Winston Kim was definitely the right decision. You put your trust and your life in your surgeons hands. Mr Kim has given me back my life and rebuilt my trust. I would recommend him to anyone.
Young active patients after hip replacement
Many thanks to you and your team for the way that you took care of us during our hip replacements.Patient C and ID
Patient after hip replacement
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr Kim, who operated on my hip this year. His skill has made my life pain free after 20 years of suffering. Patient AH
Young patient after a hip replacement
After 3 years of pain and wrongly interpreted x-rays I was still diagnosed as having mild osteoarthritis and possible back problems but could not marry this with the severe pain I was having. Eventually I went to a local well respected physiotherapist who suspected more serious problems and recommended that I saw Mr. Kim, who she clearly held in high esteem, and felt would lead me through what was a much less than simple situation. Mr. Kim immediately put me at ease and as a result of more appropriate X-rays and scans he arrived at an action plan, but involved me in his impressive logic and decision processes throughout. He also liaised closely with my physiotherapist, which I thought was excellent and valuable for everyone involved. I recently underwent a completely successful hip replacement and will need knee replacements in the not too distant future, but I feel so fortunate to be in the safe, capable and considerate hands of Mr. Kim.
PS. I have been told by all that have seen it that my operation scar is a work of art!!
Young patient after hip replacements
Mr Winston Kim has recently replaced both my hips. Throughout the procedure from pre op to after care I have found him very professional, reassuring and helpful. I am absolutely thrilled with everything about my two new hips!!! I now have a much better quality of life. I would definitely recommend this procedure and Mr Kim to anyone who is thinking of having hip surgery.
Patient after Hip Replacements
Thank you so much for giving me a new lease of life after my two hip operations. You have done a terrific job! You come highly recommended and I hold you in the highest esteem
Patient after hip replacement surgery
Thank you for your skills and the care you showed me during my recent hip operation. Patient MC
Patient after Revision (re-do) Hip Surgery
Thank you Mr Kim for deciding to carry out such a complex operation on my ancient hip! As you can see it has been a complete success; Patient ME
Young patient after hip replacement surgery
It is exactly a year since you gave me a new hip. It is working very well. We have been to see our son in Konstanz and holiday in Venice where I walked for miles. We also celebrated our silver wedding and I could dance!. Patient CG
Patient after hip replacement surgery
Thank you for the consummate skills you demonstrated in replacing my hip joint last Monday, 24th Sept. I have expereienced almost no discomfort since and look forward to an enhanced quality of life in the near future. Patient BL
Young patient after Knee Replacement surgery
Had a right knee replacement under Mr Kim’s care at the Alexandra Hospital Jan 2013. Extremely hppy with the outcome of the op, although was apprehensive before the op, as I’m quite young (50’s). Would recommend it now though!. Now needing the left knee replaced going back to see Mr Kim. Have no hesitation in recommending anyone having knee replacement surgery- choose your surgeon well though!
Young patient after knee replacement
I found Mr Winston Kim very helpful and he explained every step of my Knee replacement procedure and his follow up manner can only be praise highly. I have to have a further knee replacement by Mr Winston Kim in November 2013 and feel totally safe and happy for him to carry out this procedure.
Patient after two Knee replacements
I have had full knee replacement surgery on both knees in the last 12 months with both operations being performed by Mr Kim. He was highly recommended by a member of staff at the referring clinic for his skill, competence and caring manner with patients. I can now personally attest to all those qualities.
As a person who is extremely nervous about any medical appointment, let alone two operations, I found Mr Kim to be incredibly kind and patient. He allayed many of my fears with his calm approach and willingness to listen to me and discuss the process before, during and after the operations, in great detail. The quality of care I received was first class and whilst I am in the early stages of recouperation from the second knee operation, the first went extremely well and has given me hope that I can regain greater mobility and have a more active lifestyle even though I am in my 80s.
I would also like to thank all the staff – clerical, medical/surgical and physiotherapy – at the hospital (The Alexandra, Cheshire) for their exemplary care of me on both occasions. The standard of cleanliness in the hospital was extremely high and the food was marvellous.
Patient after Total Knee Replacement
My experience at the Spire Manchester Hospital for a total knee replacement was exceptional. From my first visit, through to my operation, ward care and physio, I was treated superbly. I cannot recommend it too highly. Great care.Thank you
Roy Gordon, May 2014
From family of patient who had severe knee arthritis and Total Knee Replacement
Written by a carer, whose mom had severe knee arthritis and a total knee replacement
“I thought Mr Kim treated my mother with great respect and informed her fully regarding all that would happen and what could be expected. Mr Kim’s care was greatly appreciated and made my mother feel at ease. During my mother’s stay at The Alexandra most of the staff were lovely and caring towards her…..”
Patient after Knee Replacement
” I would just like to say that the attention and care that Mr Kim showed to me throughout my treatment was second to none. He is a caring and attentive man who’s professionalism towards me from my first consultation with him right through to my being discharged from Hospital was exemplary. I would highly recommend him to anybody needing Orthopaedic surgery. In fact I would like to add to this review a glowing appraisal of the whole team/staff. They were wonderful.” Thanks, Mrs Pat M
Patients for Complex Knee Procedure
Thank you for the time you gave us tonight during the appointment with you. It was fantastic to listen to your knowledge and explanation of what the best options would be. We could tell you are truly passionate about your work and we feel total comfortable in the knowledge things will be sorted out. Patient T and PS.
Patient after Total Knee Replacement
Mr Kim replaced my Knee Jan 2013. I have since been able to walk and without discomfort. The treatment I received whilst in hospital was very good and Mr Kim called in every day to see if I was OK. I would recommend Mr Kim for this operation to everyone.
Young active patient after a knee replacement
You are a wonderful man. Thank you for my new knee, I look forward to my other knee being done. Patient GL.
Patient after total knee replacement
Thank you so very, very much for the great job you have done on my husband’s knee from both of us. PAtient D and MM.
Young, active patient after knee replacement surgery
“During the past three weeks I have been to New York City where I walked considerably and just this week I have returned from North Wales, having enjoyed long walks in Snowdonia – activities I could only dream about previously. I am indebted to you for your skill and attention you gave me. These days such things are often taken for granted, but I would like to say a heartfelt thank you – you have given me the quality of my life back”. Patient MP
Patient after knee replacement surgery
Thank you so much Mr Kim for all your care and expertise. Everything was top class and I look forward to being active and healthy again in the near future. Patient DC
Patient after knee replacement surgery
Thank you for the pain relief you have given me. Patient DH
Patient after Knee replacement surgery
I am walking again and I could not tell you enough how good this feels. I want to thank you and your team most sincerely for making this happen. Patient AO
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